Vaeda Sadowsky

Vaeda Sadowsky was born May 1st 2002 in a barn in North Dakota. She was the runt of the litter. We brought her home and she stole a piece of our hearts. Early on she took interest in our Christmas trees and would blow a hole right in the middle of it and sit in it. Her brother Marley came along 2 years later. She took the long 24 hour drive from North Dakota to Nashville spring of 2007. Vaeda was named after the girl in the movie “ My girl” . And also after Darth Vader because her fur was black, but with a girly twist. Her days were filled with sun baths, good food and a loving family. Her little brother would curl up next to her and give her a bath. She passed away July 27, 2018 @ 4:52 with us right by her side . She will be dearly missed by Marley cat, Wadsworth the dog and her parents Eric and Lisa. Being our first born and having part of our life through our whole marriage, we will feel an empty space for a long time. Vaeda was the sweetest , loving, beautiful cat. I know we will see her again.

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