Rocky chose me at the Animal Shelter.
My husband and I had lost our Cocker, and my boss, who had 3 pups, knew what I needed to stop crying at work. “Let’s take a ride”,
she said. To the shelter we went. That was 12 years ago. Rocky must have seen some potential in me… ’cause he had the right moves to get me out of myself and notice how special he was. He became our Baby Boy, playmate, confidant and guru. He listened to my husband play guitar and would sing along. He would lick his lips whenever he wanted to play fetch. And on and on.
The years go by too fast.
We are devastated… again.
The tears and anguish WILL be replaced with JOY!
We will be together again!
Romans 8: 17- 25
Thanks to: CARE/Dr. Kelly, and Faithful Companion/Thomas, for caring for Rocky.

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