• January 13, 2020
    My sweet baby Piper, my first and forever love. You gave me 12 1/2 years of pure love, loyalty, and so much more. We miss you dearly my love I wish I could hug and hold you forever. I will forever miss your wagging tail whenever you seen me coming home or calling out your name, our trips together, you stealing Emiliás food, your endless kisses, our walks, etc. You know mommy did her best to keep you here with us for as long as you could bear. I would do anything to have you back home, please come visit us whenever you miss us. I love you baby girl forever in my head and my heart ❤️ 7-23-2007/1-12-2020
  • January 13, 2020
    Omg ! This was so nice Tasha I love piper my first niece !!! I miss her forever and always she was so sweet ! She fought a hard fight
  • January 13, 2020
    To my first grand puppy. You are forever etched in my Heart and Soul. You were the best grand puppy, always joyful and humble - funny and yes loyal . I will always remember our walks together me driving you to your favorite spots and you knowing where you were going before we even got to the spot — you were sooo smart- you are my baby forever. You gave me so much joy I will never forget you

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