• Date of Birth: 07/18/2017
  • Date of Passing: 05/03/2022

No words can describe how amazing Oakley was. He wasn’t just a pet, he was my literal best friend and family! Imagine creating your baby a cap and gown to walk with you on graduation! We did just that! Imagine just hanging out and all of sudden having alittle lizard come up and try to eat your chipotle burrito! He did just that! Imagine a beardie that loved anything and everything as long as their human was with them! He did just that and many many more. Typically bearded dragons live to be 15years old. Oakley was 4, sadly he was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumor and later found that he had a congenital liver issue. The mass couldve been removed, however the liver issue wouldve killed him. Personally if I was a bearded dragon I would’ve wanted his life, even though it was short, it was the best 4 years. I had to make the difficult decision and have him humanely put to sleep. My heart still aches, but I’m glad to have him home, though he is not in the form I remember. He is still home and I still love him very much and also will! Run wild baby, use those wings, I hope you make a lot of friends if you haven’t already!

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