When we bought our house about 4 years ago, I finally convinced my husband to get a dog. I searched for ages to find a “cat-sized dog” to fit with our family. When I came across Nico at a rescue, I knew he was the one. He had been living in a kennel for 3 months and was thin and terrified; I called the rescue incessantly for weeks until we were able to bring him home.
I was thrilled to finally have a dog in my life again. We bonded instantly because he was so happy to be out of that kennel. We definitely didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into by adopting a dachshund or how challenging Nico would be, but he has been a beloved part of our family for the last 3 and a half years.
I feel better knowing that his last days were filled with sunshine; he had one last walk at his favorite park on the river and spent yesterday swimming in the inflatable pool with the kids.
We are glad he’s not in pain, but we are missing him deeply. It’s been hard to be at home knowing there’s no dog curled up at the foot of my bed or waiting for me to throw his ball. I will miss taking him for car rides and cuddling with him during bonfires. And I will miss his absolutely ridiculous attempts to defend the sidewalk in front of our house from much larger dogs.
Nico, you were beyond ridiculous, but we love you. We’ll be sure to keep the cats in line for ya, buddy. ❤️❤️❤️

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