• Date of Birth: 07/18/2008
  • Date of Passing: 01/16/2000

Lucy was giving to me at 6wks old 14 yrs ago. She is the most loving cat you can have, loved to play, eat ( haha never misses a meal) loves to snuggle, dance with you, always been a momas girl. She was loyal til the end. When I had a heart attack in August in 2021 and came back home, Lucy would hop up on my bed and laid beside me comfort me, she laid her precious paw on my hand saying moma Im here, showing lots of love. When she had her stroke and was not eating, losing weight. I knew god is going to come and get her and he did. God only picks the best for his garden, green Fields to run and play and will rock her at night in his rocking chair. On a cute note:I hope God plays Al Green for her. That’s one of her favorite song. Lucy, moma & Daddy will always love you & miss you dearly, our hearts is fill with tears forever. R.I.P. Baby girl. We will see each other again.

  • January 11, 2022
    Lucy passed away on January 9,2022

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