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My Beautiful Sweet Booboo. We did a lot together didn’t we! You showed up in my life needing me just when I needed to be needed. You saved me. You did a lot of fun things like hanging out on the back of the couch & digging on the cushions & carpet. You crashed a computer once & you marked Jeff’s collection of C.S. Lewis hardcovers & you were a traveling’ bun. You drove cross country with me! You had a full life and lived in several different places. Everyone loved you. My wish for you is that you are happier in your afterlife than you ever were before & that you will never again feel any hindrance to a full physical active life. I love you my Beautiful Girl. “Me & SnowBall” miss you so much. xoxo

  • April 16, 2018
    Laurie Bell, what adventures you had and what a good mommy too. Binky free little one.

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