Isabella Atia Owens-Bagnasco aka “Bella” or “BellBell” 2/3/07-9/17/17
We love you so much! You were so special and so much more than our pet. You were my life and you will always be part of me. I will never ever forget. And you were so damn cute and photogenic. I choose this picture because to me it shows you in a deep contemplative mood /state on Mackinac Island, MI.
My heart always melted when you looked me straight in my eyes every time I talked to you. You were so smart.
And I’ll never forget when you were just a puppy…running panicked through that crowded house at Michelle’s; looking for us. (I never had my eyes off of you but seeing you looking for us and when you finally saw us I saw how peaceful and calm it made you). That was when I knew were so special and how lucky we were to have you.

Thank you Bella. Thank you for being in my life. I hope I have the honor and blessing of seeing you again someday… someway…

  • September 29, 2017
    Beautiful, makes me cry.

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