Gidget Charlene

  • Date of Passing: 03/26/2021

Gidget Charlene Fernandez died in her mother’s loving arms on 03/26/2020. She was surrounded by her sister and two brothers, who now snuggle up to her urn, constantly sniff her favorite things, and miss her deeply. Gidget was rescued after being used as a breeding dog and was adopted by her mother in June 2019 at the (estimated) age of 9. Gidget was diagnosed with cancer November 2020, but lived a full, happy life until her passing. She was loved so much by her family and friends, and leaves a long trail of broken hearts behind her. Gidget’s mother will forever miss her “Baby Bat Cow,” and will cherish memories of her every day – she loves her infinitely.

Rest easy, Gidget Charlene. You’ll always be my sweet baby angel…you’ll always be my little mama girl.

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