• Date of Birth: 07/24/2014
  • Date of Passing: 11/14/2022

My sweet angel Gehrig Louis, named in honor of Lou Gehrig. He was the kindest soul you would ever meet but a great protector. I remember the day we brought you home only weighing 9 lbs at 8 weeks. Your ears were floppy and you had froggy legs. You had these quirks about you. You Loved your big brother Jeter and your baby brother Bronx like nothing I have ever seen before. You LOVED your ball and always knew where to find one of your I swear a 100 balls in our home. You could catch at any distance and would fly through the air with your pretty paw prance. You were majestic. I imagine you wearing a bow tie and sweater vest in doggy heaven. You were special. You had a silly bark and loved to argue when you didn’t get your way. You also held a perfect harmony with your brothers when you sung in the choir howling at home. Your daddy, mommy, and brothers miss you so much. We are honored that you chose us as your family. You truly are a heaven sent gift and will be the most perfect guardian angel. Rest in paradise we will see you again. We love you.

  • November 18, 2022
    Very well said. I know he will leave a opening in your heart,

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