Charlie White

  • Date of Passing: 03/16/2021

My sweet, precious little Charlie. I write this with a broken heart, tears flowing and the emptiest feeling inside.
It’s been a little over a month since you went to heaven. I miss you more than words can describe. I miss everything about you! It hurts not being able to hold you and have you by my side.
I was so blessed to have been your mommy. You were the best little guy!! Thank you for the love, happiness and friendship you gave me. I love you so much Charlie!!! You were the cutest, sweetest most loyal little guy!! You always made me smile and no doubt you were my Best Friend!
You were a curious, sweet, loving little guy with a gentle soul who also protected his mommy with a scary growl.
How you loved being outside sunning. I would normally have to bring you in as it would get too hot. You were soaking in the rays loving it. Too cute my love.
You were the most handsome guy with beautiful dark eyes and had the cutest little tongue that always so adorably stuck out.
YOU were so PERFECT!! Always know that. You were my little jet black beauty . The bond you and I had I can never share again. My precious Charlie I will see you again. Please know you are thought of every single day! You will never be forgotten!! Until we meet again my sweet baby. Run, play and enjoy all your new friends. I love you so, so very much. God bless you sweet boy! 381❤️

  • May 11, 2021
    I miss you so much Charlie!! I love you. ❤️ I’m trying not to cry everyday. But it’s so lonely without you. Love you always! Love Mommy.

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