Buzzby Inge Barnes

  • Date of Birth: 09/10/2007
  • Date of Passing: 10/02/2020

Buzzby was the most gentle protective little/big boy. He had the heart of a servant. He was the perfect mix of ornery and sweetness. He would come along and knock your flip flop off and give his ornery look with his tail wagging and then pick up the shoe and bring it to you. His sweet, precious foster mom, Debbie, lovingly nicknamed him the Tasmanian devil because he had energy galour and enjoyed counter surfing. His super power besides love was built in springs on his feet. If there was a dog in his way at the dog park he would jump up and over instead of going around. Even in old age he still liked to do things for himself. He refused steps to help him get up on the sofa. If you offered to give him a boost he’d quickly jump up himself and turn and look at you like “it might hurt a bit but I’m a big boy who will do it myself!” Even when he didn’t feel well he would wag his beautiful fluffy tail. At dinner time he would do what we called (Thank you Harry Connick, Jr.) the Back-it-Up dance. These examples seem so small because he was special in a million different ways! We were sooooooooo blessed to be his parents! We miss our son with every fiber of our being. He is also survived by two sisters (Lilly Rose & Emmalin) who also miss him greatly! We would like to give a special thank you to ABR- American Brittany Rescue, Nbran – National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network, all the great people who work so hard to save Brittanys. Buzzby’s foster mom Debbie L., Vale Park Animal Hospital’s awesome staff, North Central Veterinary Emergency Hospital and last but not least Faithful Companion. Run Free Buzzby

  • October 10, 2020
    A beautifully devoted tribute to Buzzby. THANKYou for sharing your memorial of a life well wagged. Good boy, Buzzby! Love & Sincerest Condolences
  • October 10, 2020
    I remember when Buzzby came to me as a young one. He had a lot of crazy antics. The first one happened while he followed me into the bedroom. He jumped up on the bed, played a little bit then sat staring at the mirror on the dresser that was across the room. All of a sudden he jumps down, running towards the dresser and hopped on top of it to look at the dog that was in the mirror. Perfume bottles, picture frames and a couple of little angel statues went flying all over the room!! All the while he is just looking at that doggy! I left the kitchen, walked back in not even two minutes later. There he was, sitting on the kitchen table like he was King of the hill. I had named him Inge after a Detroit Tiger ball player (All my fosters were named after the team). Whenever we were outside together he would run around the yard trying to catch and eat the bumble bees. 🐝 I’m sure that’s how he acquired his new name. He was one of my favorite fosters. Robert and Cheryl drove from Indiana to Michigan to meet him. Buzzby was very lucky to be adopted into their loving household. I will always have fond memories of his ‘playfulness’. RIP, sweet boy. You are sadly missed. Love, Debbie

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