• Date of Birth: 01/31/2011
  • Date of Passing: 07/28/2022

Losing Bella has shattered my heart. She gained her first nickname of Wiggle Buttowski when she was just a baby. When she wagged her tail, her whole bottom wiggled! Over the years she was also known as Bella Mia, Bebe (Creole pronunciation), Beautiful Girl, Girly-Girl and Sissy. Bella made friends wherever we went and was the most loving dog. There was not a mean bone in her body. Everyone loved Bella. Bebe – I miss you so very much. I miss seeing your beautiful face every morning and hearing your tail thumping on the floor when you saw me. I miss you sitting at my feet when I was sitting at the table and licking my legs. I miss you licking my arm (and occasionally using your teeth) just trying to get that tattoo off! When food falls on the floor, you’re no longer there to ‘Hoover’ it up. Your sister keeps leaving half her food for you, but you no longer swoop in to steal it from her. Mommy, Daddy and Cami miss you so much. This house is not the same with you not in it. I can never get Bella Hugs again, and you can’t give Mommy kisses anymore. I hope that you are running free, happy and healthy on the Rainbow Bridge Bebe. Until we meet again, I hope you’ll remember our special song…..”who’s the most beautiful puppy in the world? It’s Bella….it’s Bella”.

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