Customer Testimonial


I lost both my dogs about a year apart. I had both my dogs cremated though faithful companion and the staff was kind, caring ,friendly and treated my cherished dogs with dignity and respect. They have compassion and realize that losing a pet is just as hard as losing a significant person in your life and no matter if it’s a dog or your mom , they treat that lose equally. They understand that losing a pet is just as hard as losing a person. Your pets become apart of your family and become beloved members that means the world to you and it’s so very nice to know that you can count on a company like this to be professional , courteous and understand you are grieving the lose of a cherished family member and they go above and beyond to pick up your pet and deliver the crematains back to you quickly. And provide a beautiful, engraved wooden box with your loved ones name on it. And I love that it’s family owned because it’s personable. I work at a funeral home as an administrative assistant and they treat my pets just like I would treat any family that walked though are doors, and that’s what really impressed me. It’s a very nice feeling to know that their’s a company out there that truly cares about giving you the same respect ,no matter who you lost. They see a loss as a loss and see that your hearts breaking and know that you left your pet in good hands. I would recommend them to my friends and family. And would like to thank them for being so caring and taking such good care of my dogs and returning them to me so fast and treating my dogs ,no different than loosing a person! It’s nice to know there our still good people out there and companies who care about their customers that they service. I thank all of you at faithful companion for the work you do and respect you give families. So keep up the good work!