Customer Testimonial


A very normal morning turned very dark this past Friday, April 6th when my cat Oliver’s breathing became labored. I rushed him to his Vet (Berkley Veterinarian) and it all went downhill with what was diagnosed. Dr. Andrea Smirnes was there that day and she (as she has been there for my other kitties who have passed) was so wonderful as was the rest of the staff to comfort me through this trying time. They made things as easy as possible. They were compassionate and so compassionate with giving my cat the dignity and gentleness needed. Within 24 hours I received Oliver’s cremated remains in the most beautiful wooded hinged box with his name. A separate plaster disk with his paw print and name with an easel to display the print. Such beautiful detail. It helped and eased my heart to see just how beautiful they respected his remains and how they came back is a testimony to this company. As a private cremation, they gave an ID number that this, in fact, was Oliver. I would HIGHLY recommend this pet cremation company. Thanks to all in helping me at this dark time.