Customer Testimonial


On Easter Sunday, we were devastated to lose our 16 year old cat, Theo. We were in a state of shock on when we had to say goodbye, and we couldn’t bear to leave Theo’s body at the emergency vet.
We drove to Faithful Companion, thankfully open on Easter, where Daniel compassionately explained their services and process. We opted to wait ~1 hour for Theo’s ashes to be returned to us, and not witness the cremation, even though that was an option. Daniel was so patient, and he assured us that he would immediately tend to Theo, and not leave him alone. We felt almost panicked to leave him, even though his spirit was gone. We were comforted to know that Daniel would be with Theo, and would take care of him.
When Daniel brought Theo’s ashes to us an hour later, he described the cremains, offered to review them with us, and asked if we had questions. He was so caring, we felt relatively at peace. We had given Theo both the best life possible and a dignified death.
We highly recommend Faithful Companion, they professionally and sympathetically attended to our beautiful boy Theo, and enabled us to quickly go home together on such a horrible day.