Customer Testimonial

Amber Mitchell

I want to thank everyone for the help I called right before 8pm because my tanker man lost his fight and place that was planned told me to wait til Tuesday morning and he passed away on Saturday. The nice lady I talked to called the worker because he left already he turned around and waiting 25 mins for us to get there with my tanker man everything was perfect from call drop off and pick up I got his last paw print that I wasn’t sure they did and that’s all my oldest asked for with his ashes because she was one month old when he came home. Everything was amazing to how caring you all were when I came in a mess and couldn’t stop crying. Til when I picked him up and was still crying the nice card and rainbow bridge saying. My oldest stays by his ashes a lot and holds his print at her heart. I will be bring back his box to have it engraved on. I ordered necklaces for my three kids because they said they always want him by there hearts. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING PEOPLE.