Customer Testimonial


We lost a dog about 10 years ago and were completely unaware about the process of cremation. It took about a week to get her remains back, and the thought of our baby lying in a freezer all that time was very disconcerting. Unfortunately, we had to make that decision once again to put another one of our girls to sleep, but this time at a vet we love and who works with Faithful Companion. The vet tech told us she would be returned quickly, but we were so surprised to get a call less than 24 hours after she passed that she was ready to be taken home. It is so devastating to lose a pet, a family member, and our previous experience made us wary about where our baby’s remains were and how they were being treated. When we picked up her ashes from the vet, we received her urn in a bag with her paw print, a lovely poem, and various paperwork about the company and her cremation. Reading about Faithful Companion’s process put our broken hearts at so much more ease. Our baby was taken care of so quickly and carefully, not sitting in a freezer. She even got to be cremated with her favorite toy (that is such a special touch). You guys have no idea just how much your work helps heal the broken hearts of us who have lost our babies. The devastating blow of losing our Mia was softened when we found out just how well she was taken care of. Too much anymore do some services treat our pets like they are nothing. Faithful Companions treated her with respect like she was a human (and we’d argue she was more human than dog with her personality). I will recommend your services to anyone I know who must go through this tough time. Thank you thank you thank you.