Customer Testimonial


Well, this is the 1st time I am able to talk about my dog Misty without crying.
Last Friday after work I had to put my Misty to sleep. As soon as I left the vet I called Tom to let him know. Tom said “I will be right there to pick her up.” I told him he couldn’t because they just closed. He was going to drive in a snow storm that night all the way from Cedar Lake, IN. He then told me he would be there 1st thing in the morning!! I got a call from him the next day in the afternoon that he was already bringing me my Misty. I could not believe how GREAT and FAST his service was. Tom said “Remember the good times with her” as I was crying.
Not only did I receive her ashes, I received a very nice plaque with her name and paw print which meant SO much to me!!! I had never seen that before! I wish I would have done that with my other dogs that passed. I would HIGHLY recommend their services and the paw print!!!
Thanks again Faithful Companion!!!