Customer Testimonial

K. H. Redmond

I hoped desperately that Emma, a lovely and sassy miniature dachshund who had become mine on December 25, 2002, would live to spend another -her last- Christmas with me; but I knew full well it was not to be…she was suffering, and the end of her precious life was drawing nigh. During those excruciatingly painful and difficult days, I called Faithful Companions to prepare for the inevitable event which every pet parent must experience. “We will be there when your Emma passes away; just call us…Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we will come,” Tom said to me over the phone. Those words gave me such great comfort and alleviated my distress as I was aware that most places would be closed for the holidays. My Little Love passed away peacefully and quietly in my arms 2 days later, on December 23. True to their word, Patrick from Faithful Companions promptly came to receive Emma’s remains; Tom brought her ashes to me the very next day, on Christmas Eve. They were each efficient but not rushed; professional yet compassionate. I am deeply grateful for a caring business like Faithful Companions and its people who were there for me during one of the hardest and the darkest of days. In a sad yet such a sweet way, my wish did come true; thanks to Faithful Companions’ help, my Emma was with me on Christmas Day. -KHR