Customer Testimonial


Emailed about two weeks prior to the loss of my beloved Labrador to inquire about cost, etc.. I received a very entailed email back from Jason. I knew the time was soon approaching and wanted to be prepared. On February 28, our Charlie boy crossed Rainbow Bridge. It was about 3pm. I opted to have his ashes delivered to my home. My only complaint was he was delivered to our vet. The vet called and offered to deliver him to us. Not a huge deal but would have preferred the home delivery, as planned. Am very pleased with his ash presentation. A beautiful cherry box with a golden latch. We also opted to get Charlie’s paw print made. I love it. I look at his giant print daily. Never really thought about cremation but with his large size, my husband and I did discuss it and decided it would be best. Thanks for making this just a small bit easier to handle.