Customer Testimonial

Jackie de la Osa

I was heartbroken when my Pipsqueak died. I called the only service I knew. Two phone calls later I finally got a call back. They wanted $200 just to pick her up in my own City besides the normal charges for disposal. If iI didn’t or couldn’t pay $200 for them to take my little girl away that night, they told me to leave her there and but plastic under her in case there is a leak and bring her in the next day. I was appalled. Then I got Faithful Companions on the recommendation of a vet. They were wonderful – compassionate, kind, professional, and reasonable! They came immediately even though I live in Fort Myers 35 miles away. What a relief! I will tell everyone my story and recommend Faithful Companions for sincere professional care, unlike the company I called first who could care less how leaving my 12 year companion lying on the floor overnight would make me feel. THANK YOU!