Customer Testimonial

Elizabeth Larson

Sadly, I’ve had to rely on Faithful Companion twice within the last 3 months. I had to say goodbye to my sweet beautiful girl, Cheetah in February. We never knew the age of her, as she was a “barn cat” that came with my place when I moved in 14 years ago (she quickly became a house cat/house panther!). And then just last weekend, we lost my sidekick, Keiko. She was at least 17 years old, possibly more as she was a rescue as an adult. I knew that Keiko was in her final days of battling chronic kidney disease. She’d been diagnosed 2 1/2 years before & with a special diet, vitamin supplements, & fluids we made her final years wonderful, including several camping trips (she loved adventuring with us). She slept on my pillow every night – at home & in the camper. I miss her so much. She had a great personality! Keiko passed away at home with me by her side last Sunday night. I am so heartbroken. The folks were so kind with both of our cats. I was so distraught with Cheetah, I never did ask the fellow for his name, and I’m sure he told me. And this time around, I was sure to ask the gal her name as she was absolutely wonderful. Donna was kind, compassionate, and it felt like she was a true friend walking me through one of the toughest times in my life. I can’t recommend Faithful Companion enough. They are wonderful, especially Donna.