Customer Testimonial

Jacqui Vocaire

Having Faithful Companion gave us the space we needed to grieve. Losing our first dog was one of the most difficult things we have been through, both as a couple and individually. Our boy Carlos was taken care of so well by the staff and we were communicated to each step of the way. Having the logistics handled on top of knowing that our late dog was receiving thoughtful care was very comforting. The best part was being able to have him back with us in the home so soon. The engraved box with his ashes is beautiful and sits atop a small memorial area in the house alongside his ink and ceramic paw prints, and his fur clipping. Our dogs are part of our family and our home, I cannot speak enough to how important it is to have them treated as such when they pass on. We know we will call them in the future when the time comes. The staff was absolutely incredible and their services and products speak for themselves, Faithful Companion is awesome and they’re doing really important work. Would highly recommend them to any pet owner.