Customer Testimonial


On May 18th 2020 at 5:20 p.m., our beloved Collie and best friend for the last 15 years, Lucky, was laid to rest. Faithful Companion was called to transport our sweet boy. Later that evening I received a call from Jeff, who was compassionate, kind and so understanding. His sincerity of his sympathy for our loss was undeniable. During our call he wanted us to know all of our options. He was so patient with me as we discussed our last wishes for our baby boy. He guided me through my decisions with kindness and true sincerity. When I asked him for my Luckys’ pawprints, and I wanted all 4, he did not hesitate.
Because I had made additional requests, I told him that I understood, that it may take longer for him to bring my boy home. However, Jeff said he would make sure my baby would be home with me within 24 hours. The very next day, less than 24 hours I received a call from Jeff who told me my Lucky was being brought home to me. John phoned me from his car to tell me he was close to my home. When John arrived, it was pouring rain. I watched him from the window as he pulled up. He put his mask on, due to the Pandemic. I watched him carefully carry my baby and protect him from the rain. He came up on my porch and presented me with beautiful bags. My baby was laid to rest in the most beautiful urn. His pawprints, with his name, were in beautiful plaster molds, with hearts and ribbons. Those too were wrapped in beautiful presentation bags. John was so kind and expressed his condolences with true sincerity. It is obvious of the love and compassion that was put into my baby’s service. My heart is broken, but swollen with the gratitude of the kindness that was expressed to me from Jeff and John. I cannot truly put into words my appreciation. All I can say is Thank You and God Bless you all. With our sincerest gratitude, the family of Lucky Moore.