Customer Testimonial


I wanted to share an “insiders point of view” on Faithful Companion. I work at a Veterinary Hospital, we were previously using a different cremation company. Once our hospital switched to Faithful Companion, it was like night and day! Their representatives are always extremely kind, caring, and treat every pet as if it was their own being taken in. The urns, paw print, etc, that they offer are amazing. But in my honest opinion, what makes Faithful Companion shine is how they have your pet returned home to you within 1-2 days, which helps with the grieving process extremely! They also have a system in place so you KNOW its your pet being returned to you, and if you chose not to have the remains they take them to a special memorial garden where you can visit anytime you want to. Our hospital will NEVER be switching to another cremation company after seeing how wonderful these guys are from how well they handle this business!!