Customer Testimonial


For those of you in search of a company to care for your deceased pet, my experience with Baby, and now Reggie with Faithful Companions was wonderful.
Greeted by the Manager in the evening, I was offered something to drink, a quiet place to sit and do some paperwork. Brian didn’t rush me, instead sat to listen to my story and allowed me to tear and grieve. Attentive, sincere and sympathetic, he was just like a loving brother.
I already purchased an urn for Reggie, so I only needed the basic package.
Too late to do a witness cremation, I trusted that Reggie will be loved throughout the process, handled and returned to me with honesty.
I picked him up the next day as he was promised to me.
These people cremate only one pet at a time, so I had full confidence I am getting my kitty back.
Currently in a beautiful rosewood, handcarved urn, I will transfer him into a beautiful bronze urn when that arrives, but I will keep their urns until the day I am called home.

So. Looking for a loving company to care for your deceased family member? In Charlotte, I couldn’t have been more pleased and why I returned.

Peace to all that have lost their incredible family pet.