Customer Testimonial


Today it’s been one year since I lost my boy boxer after ten years together. Strange how we become so attached and fall so in love with these four-legged creatures, but we do. After he was euthanized, the good folks here at Faithful Companion came to Long Animal Hospital to pick up his body and took care of everything. His remains were returned the next day to the hospital in a really beautiful wooden box. A few weeks later, I realized I would like this box to be engraved with his name and a message, so I drove out to their location and they gladly did this for me for a very small fee. While there, they gave me a tour of their facility and explained the cremation process. It helped me gain some closure and put my mind at ease. These guys are top-notch and would recommend them to anyone who is going through such a difficult time as losing a good buddy. Thank you to all the folks at Faithful Companion, and though I don’t hope to see you for a while, I will know nevertheless that you are there when I need you.