Wilson was my faithful companion, loyal running buddy, and my woo woo. He indulged me and allowed me to hold him like a baby when he was a puppy and to dress him up for my Halloween photo shoots. We did not know last October would be our last effort, but we went out with a bang with our Grand Ole Opry theme. He had his mischievous moments! His happiest day was probably when I carelessly left the Costco groceries in the way back as I ran in to the next errand. When I came back to the car, he was not in the back seat. I opened the hatch and he was hunched over the rotisserie chicken, feasting away. I have no doubt thst dogs teach us to live in the moment and be mindful. The last couple weeks have been tough, so I laid my head on my pillow one night and thought I should say a prayer. The words that first came to me were: Thank you. What a gift Wilson has been. ❤️❤️❤️

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