Tyler Boy

  • Date of Birth: 02/03/2013
  • Date of Passing: 11/06/2022

Tyler you sure are missed and loved! The house is empty without you but we know that you are no longer in pain but running free over the RainbowBridge! You will always be our Little White Fang! The memories we have of you will be held close to our hearts. Like how you always stole food off our plates and ran and always begged like a dog, I’m sure if you could have barked, you probably would have since you were practically raised by your other Best Friend Copper, we know you loved that Beagle Dog. Oh don’t forget the many times you thought the water dises were empty but weren’t and rattled the bowls anyway. We Love you Tyler Boy
Until we meet again, Run and Play Sweet Boy, say hi to Toby and Niki for us. We love you!

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