• Date of Birth: 06/10/2002
  • Date of Passing: 01/04/2022

Tigs, my sweet boy, my stinker butt, my baby I miss you so much. I picked you out of all the kitties at 8 years old and have been so lucky to have spent 19.5 years with you. Our house is too quiet and empty without you here, always following me around and meowing and running in the kitchen as soon as I walked in there begging for treats. I’m so heartbroken right now but having you lay on my chest in my arms at home as you took your last breath, just me and you, is something to bring me relief that you didn’t suffer. I know part of the reason was because you didn’t want to go on a car ride because you hate them so much. Tigs, I love you so much & I’ll love you forever.
Love, your momma.

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