My Dear Steeler,

I adopted you six months after I had to euthanize my 13 year-old husky who had terminal cancer. As a 13+ year-old husky/shepherd mix, you gave me the chance to pick up where I left off with my prior larger dog, and help you through your golden years. You enjoyed your walks, so we both got good exercise until you slowed down in the last half-year. You came to me with some arthritis and eye problems, and I did what could be done to address those issues. When you started having incontinence, I was determined to cope with it as long as your quality of life still appeared good. You always had a good appetite up until the last weekend of your life, enjoying the variety of food and treats I offered you. The last week of your life, you had trouble getting up and your kidneys started failing. It was when you lost interest in your goodies that I knew it was time to release your spirit from your spent body. I miss your “big dog” presence in the house, how you would knock your head against my elbow to get attention when I watched TV, and how you loved to be scratched under your chin. Chico and Matt (my chihuahua and cat) and the neighbor Shepherd named Rex also miss you. I hope you met up with your friend (the other neighbor pup named Blue) who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year …

Love and hugs,

  • March 12, 2019
    So sorry, Sandi, for your loss of Steeler .. I always wished that our dogs and cats had longer life spans, it is so hard to say goodbye. Love and hugs to you, sweetheart <3
  • March 12, 2019
    Dear Sandi, I know it never gets any easier to part with our beloved four-footed companions, and with your large family the sadness of them leaving is bound to happen a lot, of course. And now it's Steeler. But you did the right thing for him. He isn't suffering any more. And you took him in to share your home, gave him love, and you cared for him, your big dog, who will not only be missed by you, but by his friends as well. As I have said in the past, my hope for all of us who love animals is that we will be reunited with our dear animal companions at the end of the journey which is life. My heart goes out to you, my friend... With sympathy, Barbara
  • March 12, 2019
    Dear Sandi, I know your heart of gold is feeling broken right now with the loss of Steeler, the beautiful dog you rescued. Not many people would adopt a 13 year old dog, let alone one with health issues. This says so much about your compassionate heart. You gave him so much genuine love & the best care possible. What a wonderful life you have given him in his last years on this earth! May knowing this help you heal. He is young again now with other people and animals & one day he will be happy to see his beloved ( you) again. So very sorry for your loss.

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