My Heart Is Hurting so Badly! I Loved You as Much as You Loved Me. You were the Sweetest, Most Snuggly Little love Bug I ever Knew. I am Grateful that God Chose me to be Your Mommy even if it was only for a short Time. I am Glad You Knew what Love Truly was. There was never a Dull Moment with You around. I will Miss Your Smile, your lack of Personal Space (which I Loved so Much <3) . Your Face plastered against the Front door window when I came home, doing your Happy Dance and shaking as if I had been gone for Months. I could write a book on just the reasons I will Miss you My Little Lizard ( Godzilla). I know You will greet me at the Gate, Please don't chew the Whole House Before I get There <3. Mommy Loves You and knows You will take care of the Piece of her Heart that You Took with You! I Love You Steele, Mommy <3 xoxo <3

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