Sox Paulson

  • Date of Birth: 06/15/2008
  • Date of Passing: 01/08/2021

Sox was an amazingly kind hearted, sweet and super intelligent dog nicknamed “corndog” – “tank”. He was so tremendously loyal to our family in every way. He loved his kimchee bones, pizza, seaweed and apple cores. Sox was strategic at playing hide and seek but never enjoyed bath time. Even up to the end, he enduring it all.
We will never forget his big brown eyes, white fluffy markings, little shark tooth smile and corn chip smell.
It is an understatement just to say how much love and joy he brought to our family for the last 14 years.
Sox, thank you for choosing us as your family “pack”. You are so greatly missed. We love you forever and ever.
Dod: 1/8/22

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