My heart is breaking yet again, i had to make the tough decision to put My Smokee (17 years old) to sleep, it seems he had cancer. I know in my heart i did the right decision, i know i gave him the best years he could ever have after he was abandoned years ago from his previous owners when they moved.(He was 4 when i found him) Smokee was a very loving cat, everyone who met him loved him, he would paw you to constantly to pet him, and if you stopped he pawed at you some more, He was sneaky at times and would have to watch when your eating or else he would snatch it or put his paw in your bowl. And had a very strange way of laying down on his stomach, flat, legs spread out like a pancake. Which was how he first laid when i first found him, to tell me he was home.He had his way of waking me up by climbing on my chest and pulling on my buttons on my pj shirt I will miss my Smokee and hope he has now found valentine so they could be together again. RIP Smokee AKA- Smokamos I will continue to miss you.

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