Sammy was a sweet, sleek, panther-like black cat. He also happened to be a vegan; it didn’t make sense to him, or to his human companion, for him to have a loving home while other animals suffered unnecessarily.

    Sammy thrived on his taurine-fortified vegan diet for over twelve years, and he and his human companion enjoyed countless snuggles and adventures in over six different states. He will be missed and remembered with great love every day. His human companion’s heart may never fully heal from losing him, but her life is infinitely better for having experienced his affection. She carries on with his motto in mind: curiosity is a virtue…

    • July 9, 2019
      You the best, little Sammy and Gramps will never forget your warm & friendly personality. The time we spent together hold up in a winter cabin in Vermont where you warmed our hearts every day is especially memorable. You are gone from us Sambo but never forgotten.
    • July 9, 2019
      Everyone who encountered Sammy was charmed by his sweet, easygoing nature. Even his cat cousins, Jasper and Guthrie, enjoyed spending time with their unflappable and loving buddy. All who encountered Sammy are lucky to have been touched (or in some cases licked!) by this wonderful boy, and his vegan lifestyle will be an inspiration to animal advocates and skeptics alike. You're in a better place now, Sambo. Thank you for bringing so much joy and love to those who knew you. "Uncle" Mickey
    • July 10, 2019
      Grandma will never forget the Christmas we all spent together in Terry’s townhome when Sammy’s best gift was a discarded gift box with red tissue paper. He claimed that as his own and snuggled into it, where he fit perfectly! Nap time was in that box and it couldn’t be recycled until Chrissy and Sammy left to go back to Nashville. So sweet and cute - typical of Sammy’s lovely nature. Beautiful memories of that little guy!

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