Remy, I always told everyone you were my “ride or die” which you were. You were there for me when I needed you the most an yet you may not be here physically, I know you will always be with me. You always knew when I needed to be cheered up. You had such a silly personality and did the funniest things that made me laugh, those are the memories I will hold on to. I will miss giving you kisses on the head and hugs and trying to find you when you’re snuggled under a blanket. I will miss the car rides with you and you being so happy to see me when I get home, but You are now in a better place, playing with Oden and Duke and all the other great puppies that are in heaven. Where there are endless car rides, and toys to play with and treats to eat. Now you don’t have to be scared of everything. God put you in my life for a reason, even though it was not as long as it could have been, it was at the times that I needed you by my side and you were. I will never forget you buddy.

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