I want to add my awesome kitty to this Memorial page.

A kitty 3rd generation adopted outside Raleigh, NC, he became part of my family with Baby, in 2006.

Loving, affectionate, comical at times, frisky. He greeted me always at the door, but those occasions when not feeling well, he found a place to be until I sought out what’s up.
Always laying next to Baby, soon Katie would be the one laying next to him.
Smart: he knew how to get me out of bed, even some times jumping on my back to get my attention, but overall a patient kitty. He’ll just sit there and/or lie near me just until I get up.
Lover of milk and tuna, his final meals were: milk and tuna until he consumed no more.
He put up with my baths like a trooper. His last couple of baths due to vet visits.
He hated the vets: if I got poked in the butt like he did, or a tech missed her shot target, I would get nasty, too.
Even his last moment he still showed a dislike for the vet doctor….No wonder: she administered his last shot.
Regg loved me as I adored him. I ensured he was taken to the vet to get issues dealt with. He received supplements to be proactive against potential issues: these proved effective until one day, I didn’t keep up: and sure enough infection.
He loved going outside, but his bad habit of eating the grass, along with cleaning himself got him in trouble, but he always seemed to pass the grass or upchuck that or the hair. But then, he didn’t….
Loving: he always laid by me, bumped up against me unless Katie was in his spot..he used to push her off, but instead lately opted to sleeping at the base of my feet…
I was always so fond that my kitties would like to be with me so, even when they have so many better more comfy places to rest: lost of cattrees, their own chairs, beds around the house, even a couple of hiding spots in my cabinets. His last day, he asked me to open the bottommost cabinet in my bathroom where he got his final drinks of water: I added a towel to make it comfy…he managed to get in…

Reggie loved Baby, my female now deceased (2016). Pics show these two always together, even until she too became inundated with fluid in her belly at the age of 20…But he loved her so, he always laid by her until I took her to her resting spot.

Traveling: he loved to walk around the car while I drive, but only recently did he get nauseous. Some new herbs I bought got rid of the nausea…but even his last day, walking around my car: no sickness.

Too much to think about. His last four months were extremely difficult with infection after infection. Malnutrition compromised his immunity reinforced by antibiotics or steroids or both..his little person simply could not catch up till one evaluation found inflammation in his small intestine. Maybe this, maybe that. We simply could not get more tests to this little body.
Eventually, the little fluid around the liver appears to have moved into the abdomen and lungs.

Smart: not only did my awesome buddy tell me when he needed his teeth cleaned, he also told me, “please, no more drugs or stuff.” Crouching, paws together, head between his paws and backing up to the bed frame, I understood exactly what this incredible friend was telling me: he was finished. I honored his request, and he rests eternally wherever kitties go.

Reggie, I am so hurt for putting you thru all the vet visits: I just wanted to save you and keep you as long as you will permit. You gave me thru Christmas and the end of your antibiotics for your final dental cleaning and extractions. You honored my request to stay with me as long as possible. Somehow, you did but finally your body just could not take anymore: the infection, maybe cancer, turned into a leaky gut…You simply had to quit, and I had to finally let you go.

I am to blame for this ride, I believe. My shame, guilt, remorse will forever haunt me. But I assure you, my friend, I tried to save you. I really tried. Please forgive me. Please know you are forever in my heart, just like Baby, Dhorstp and Joey. I am grieved to say the least…
What a blessing you were to this old lonely old man.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your love, friendship, affection. I am so sorry for what you have gone thru: it was not you time. But we humans are dumb and we don’t think about things and it hurts, even takes you away from us, from me.

Katie loves you and notes your absence. I call out your name and hurt…
Forgive an old fool.
But holding you in the vet yesterday, I pray you heard “I love you” over and over as you went into your dream.

I will miss you, my dearest friend.

Your daddy, forever.
Until we meet again, I love you with my whole being.


  • January 10, 2019
    I’m so sorry for your loss! I lost my fur baby yesterday and the pain is greater than I could ever imagine. My deepest sympathy to you.

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