You were my redneck rescue- I was determined not to get any more puppies. And you were exactly the reason why. What a pain in the ass. 14 months to get you housetrained. I replaced flooring because of you. You chewed everything that happened to be on the floor- including furniture. You destroyed one of most pairs of shoes, like I could do something with the other. You licked me constantly, trying to buy my affection. It wasn’t a normal, quick, flick-lick, either. It was gross. And you weren’t all that cute. Or smart. You fit your name- a poubelle is a trash can in French.
But you grew on me. And we had an agreement- if I let you continue to live here you had to become the best damn dog I ever had.
And you did.
For about 2 years you were wonderful. No frequent destruction. Less licking. No peeing in the house. Your sneaky ways of getting to my heart worked.
Then, the ruptured disk. Surgery that failed, though I coughed up the money because there was an 85% chance of success. You never used your back legs again. Immediately came the bladder infections, my house smelling like something the size of a horse died in the walls. And your sister Abella got sick with cancer and kidney failure, and all the sudden I was caring for 2 sick dogs. And the infections kept coming. For 2 1/2 years, with only a 5-month break that led me to believe you could recover. And you refused to use the 2 wheelchairs my friends bought you. And the infections tore apart your bladder, while from the waist up you continued to be a happy, healthy girl. You loved your stroller rides because they required no physical effort at all on your part while making me exercise. Devious plan, Pou. Simply brilliant. You were the star of the neighborhood.
EVERYONE loved you.
And then, finally, I had to make a decision to keep you from a terrible end. And so, 8 years after sneaking into my life and my heart, your eyes still bright and your godmother Christine feeding you a sausage biscuit as you “walked” IN your stroller, we said goodbye.
Your sisters are waiting for you; Abella will tell you what to do.
And, Pou- I lied. You weren’t just the prettiest and smartest and sweetest dog in the house. You were the best damn dog everywhere.

  • April 8, 2019
    Poubelle was clearly a powerhouse making you both important to and for each other. The tenacity shows in that picture and your message about that sneaky devil. I know Poubelle misses you just as much as you do Poubelle. I am sure the sausage biscuit made for a great passing. Love to you both
  • April 9, 2019
    Anyone who knew Poubelle loved her… She was a lovable, joyous, happy and exuberant little creature. I am so grateful that you had each other and that she had you for a mom Bea. You prolonged her life much longer than most would have and went through hell and back just to make sure she was comfortable. We love you Pou so continue to embrace your journey Sweet Girl! As I hv said before, I am so glad you have your legs again now. ♥️🐾
  • April 9, 2019
    Oh where to begin about my sweet Pou. You came into my life with your fearless sister Abella and you both found a warm fuzzy place in my heart. Every time I think there's absolutely no more room in my heart, some little furry rascal such as you and your sister sneak in! You were truly one of a kind and I enjoyed every second of you. You were down with me as I blossomed into the pet care giver I am today. You were a lover of people, food, treats, playing, pets and belly rubs. I will miss you sweet Poubelle, run free with Abella, my sweet, sweet Nino, and the hosts of other pets we've loved before. Remember, you were loved so much, and will forever be missed.
  • April 14, 2019
    Pou was an inspiration. She either didn’t know or didn’t care that she couldn’t use her back legs. She was full of joy just the same and had boundless love for everyone she met. She reminded me of a seal, and that’s how I’ll remember her: playful and happy and propelling herself through the world. Rest well, sweet Pou!
  • June 7, 2019
    I miss my Poubelle so very much. I'd love to hear from others who miss her too.

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