It is with HEAVY heart, that we say farewell to an often unspoken member of our family today. Perseus, our German Shepherd, was our protector, a son, a brother, a friend, a faithful companion, a big baby, and wonderful sweet “dog”. I know it’s hard to imagine a “dog” being all of those things but he was for us. He has been with our family for nearly 8 years. He watched our children grow up with us. We watched him as a pup, grow fast and age past our children to live his life. Such a good boy. Would have done anything within his capability for us.

    We LOVE YOU so much, you were such a big part of our lives. You had such a BIG HEART. We love you. Always, and will forever be in our heart. Rest in peace. See you one day. ❤

    • February 9, 2020
      💔 My heart still aches. Perseus was such a very good boy. He was just a big baby and his body couldn't keep up with his young heart. We miss you so very much❤❤ It is just not the same.

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