Parker Hill

We lost a good ole’ boy yesterday, he was just 7 years young. Parker was having a few complications about a month ago and on Monday night we could tell something wasn’t right. His airways starting tightening and on Tuesday his tests came back from the lab at 3:45pm.

The results revealed he had lymphoma, which gives dogs about 4-6 weeks to live untreated. The disease restricts their airways until they suffocate. We calculated that he was in the final stage and wasn’t worth seeing him suffer another night of trying to catch his breath.

Parker was adopted from Paws Adoption Kennel in Monroe and was the first addition to our family in 2010. I remember reading the bio on Parker…” not much of a snuggler”. We took a gamble because of his cuteness and sure enough, the dog wouldn’t leave your side and loved to snuggle up in your legs. We upgraded him to our bed after the first year, where he would sleep with us until his final day on April 10, 2018.

Parker was there for the birth of both of our children. As they grew older, they tugged on his ears, grabbed his tail, and he was so gentle around them. The house feels odd, less chaotic, in a bad way right now. I came home from work today and expected to hear a loud, hyper dog greet me as I open the front door. It is going to take time to heal our hearts.

The spot he chewed in our carpet in the master bedroom will forever shine. It will be a daily reminder of the good times we had.

I know it was the best decision, a hard decision, but he’s resting easy tonight. We love you parky boy.

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