My Lexie Girl

My Lexie Girl
You were the Best & the most Beautiful Fury Baby anyone could have ever asked for. When you stopped eating & drinking, my tears began then because I knew but my tears havent stopped for one day since…You were so faithful, sweet & you loved me unconditionally as I did you. Your ashes not only sit here with me in your urn but you remain deep in my heart. You crossing over the rainbow has broken my heart, I could never go through this heartache again and there will never be another you, no replacement for My Lexie Girl, FOREVER MY BEST BUDDY. I only hope & pray I did good by you. Your meows are inbedded in my head & your cuddles were always warm & fuzzy & when I sit here at night, I am still waiting for you to jump on me just one more time.
Thank you for giving me 15 years of you since you were only 2 weeks old. I will treasure that for a lifetime.

  • October 13, 2018
    She was absolutely one of the most beautiful cats I ever had the pleasure to meet...and she was very lucky to have you as her peacefully, Lexi
  • October 14, 2018
    Beautiful, Lexie. You are at rest, baby girl.
  • November 10, 2018
    Oh My Lexie Girl if you only knew and if you could feel how much I miss you everyday..I am so lost without you, I actually think I hear you and that you are looking for me. I cry everyday and and losing you has been a Heartbreaker.. I wasn't prepared but then again we are never prepared to lose someone I loved and adored with all my being. You were the Best Buddy ever, my loving companion. Sending Hugs xoxo

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