Mushi Mushi Pearcy

People say that a female red tabby is a rarity. I think what was so rare about Mushi is how much love she showed to my wife and I. I don’t think I could find the words to express how much we loved our little Mushi Bear. I know most people who came to our home never got to even see her because she was so afraid of strangers. But to us, she was one of the sweetest cats ever. She really was our little girl. I will miss the excited look in her eyes when she would see me. I will miss how she would always try to get me to work, so she could spend the entire time by my side. I will miss watching action movies with her and how much she loved movies with big explosions. I will miss how she would hold my hand and use it to wash her face. I will miss simply holding paws with her. I will miss how she would curl into a ball while we gave her scratches and pull our hand in for more while kicking it away at the same time. I will just miss her so much. We are so glad that we got to have nearly 12 years with you, Mushi. We love you so much and always will.

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