You just appeared this summer and I could tell you weren’t used to people – you would let me pet you but sometimes swiped at me. After several weeks you became more affectionate and then claimed me as your own. You liked to talk about your day and be petted and rub up against my leg to show appreciation. You were a bit awkward with being picked up but relaxed once you were held close. You always wanted to be held and loved on but you just weren’t used to what it felt like to be lifted off the ground. You certainly purred like crazy once you were cuddled. I don’t think you ever had a family before you showed up on my porch. I’m confident you spent your entire life outside. You loved your crunchy food and liked to tell me good morning when I was leaving for work. You were a sweetheart and a good girl. I promise to keep taking care of your two babies you left behind and the rest of their friends. I love you, little white whiskers. You were such a special little fur baby. I’ll miss you, sweet baby. Goodbye, beautiful girl <3

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