Our sweet Mojo, who often held “MFC” status (most favorite cat) passed away at home on October 29th. Mojo lived nearly 19 years and came into our family 17 years ago. He has been a constant and sweet companion in good times and in bad and was constantly at my side. He would wake us up promptly at 7am and steal pets by nudging his head against our hands. He could care less about going outside and preferred to sit in a sunny spot. We love you so much Mojo, you made us smile every single day. Now you can rest peacefully in warm light on the most comfortable couch and eat as much wet cat food as you wish. We’ll see you on the other side.

  • October 30, 2017
    Goodbye Mojo. Thank you for keeping my sister and her family warm and happy for 17 years. You may have liked a good sunbeam but I'll bet you got into plenty of mischief too. You meant more to them than you could ever know.

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