• Date of Birth: 05/14/2011
  • Date of Passing: 11/12/2020

You were supposed to be a companion for my mother, but you were always attached to me because I rescued you at the zoo. In May of 2011 I was volunteering with the MHS for the zoo adoption event when I found you. You were the cutest little grey dog. The rescue group said you were about 4 or 5 years old and had been abandoned behind a pet store. Not long after you were adopted, we found out you would need surgery for a liver shunt. That was a rough time for you as you had separation anxiety and having to stay at the vet was very stressful. Luckily your recovery was quick and the surgery was a success. Then fate intervened and you came to live with me permanently in December of 2011. You had never met my other dogs prior to that first night when I brought you home, but everything went well and you fit right in. Hard to believe that was almost 9 years ago. Oh, my little man. I honestly thought we would have more time. You were diagnosed with lymphoma in September. Our options were limited but with treatment we did get a bit more time with you. At 23lbs you were considered a little dog but the hole you left in our lives is huge. It is so quiet now that you are gone. There is no “bark bark” at the back door when we get home. No one to run outside just to run back in before the door closes. No one to keep Zoey in line. No one to put their head against the door when they want out. Not to mention I am missing one of my covid coworkers. You were the most serious dog I have ever encountered but you loved your people and we loved you. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, I will carry you in my heart. XOXOXO May 2011 to November 12, 2020

  • November 18, 2020
    What great little soul, Mickey had something to say at all times, he was a great little Trucker, he kept us alert and awake on our long journey in the U Haul, I will never forget his serious nature. Mickey, you will be missed.

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