My Beloved Matt (the Catt), aka Mattmew, aka Meowthew, aka Mr. Buttercreme,

I found you sitting under my awning to shelter from the rain on my birthday over 4 years ago; I invited you inside and you walked in without hesitation. Your long blond fur was so matted that I had to get you shaved – you looked so adorable with your “lion” cut! We guessed you to be around 12 years old then with those geriatric eyes. You at first were a curmudgeon, but in recent years grew more affectionate. Late last year we started treating you for hyperthyroidism, then this year you became diabetic with failing kidneys. I will miss your ritual of jumping over the back of the loveseat, “yowling” all the while, to curl up next to the front window for your afternoon nap. I will also miss the way you draped your paws over my arm when you snuggled with me at night. Thank you for sharing your golden years with me – I wish we could have known each other longer …

  • July 31, 2020
    Dear Sandi, Matt was so very lucky to have found his way into your home & your loving, compassionate heart. He has such a sweet face & I can tell he was a very gentle kitty. Any animal in your care gets the very best care. I am so very sorry too hear of his passing & the loss you are feeling. May your huge heart heal from the loss of Matt knowing you took such wonderful care of him.
  • July 31, 2020
    Dear Sandi, Another one of your beloved four-footed companions has left this earth, and once more you have to deal with a loss. I am so very sad for you, but he was one lucky cat when you found him in the rain and took him in. He looks adorable, and it sounds like he became a very good buddy of yours. May we all be joined up with our loved ones when the time comes...
  • August 3, 2020
    Dear Sandi, You made such a huge difference in Matt's remaining years and he made a profound difference in your life.. Our beloved companion animals leave such a void in our lives when they pass, but also leave our hearts full of love and beautiful memories. Our 'kids" may be gone, but they will never ever be forgotten.......

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