Our beloved bestest friend, Mackenzie. You chose us to be in our family. You made us laugh, cry and most of all gave us so much love. We will miss our shoes you took and hid and when I asked you did you take the shoe, you shook your head no. We couldn’t imagine a world without you and now its here. My Kenzie, all of our adventures, pretending to be on a safari walks was so much fun. All the people you saw while traveling, you made their day. We are so proud of you for showing much love a doggie can give. You will be missed greatly and we thank you for all the happiness you brought to our family. P.S. we sent your tennis ball with you, now find Ryan and play catch. Thats an order my friend. Much Love and Kisses Marty, Barbara Steven, and Magellan.

  • November 19, 2018
    So sad Barb!!! Love your puppy dogs! Sad he is gone but thankful for all the love he gave and received.
  • November 20, 2018
    My handsome friend ( even with one eye ) I will miss seeing you in the back yard chewing on chewys , rolling on the grass oh and laying next to your dad on the lawn just hanging out ! You were such a sweet loving dog and now your with our Betsy I have a feeling you guys will be running together 😇😇love Alison
  • November 21, 2018
    The Job is frustrating, always. When I would come home your welcome was uplifting. When I sat down and you knew I was not in the best of moods you would climb up, sit next to me and give me a deep stair and put your paw on me. I would pet you and you would snug up. When I would reach a better state of calm and smile at you, when I would least expect it, you would plant a quick kiss right on my lips. That meant an incredible amount to me puppy. Your Marty misses you and will always love you.

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