Lucy (not sure what her real name was) was a hurricane Harvey rescue. She was always afraid of doing something wrong, disliked water and being carried. She was very ill when she was adopted but found her forever family and struck a goldmine. Two caring parents who insured that she always had the best care with nothing spared. She quickly found that she was in a loving home and returned the love graciously. Her personality was allowed to show. From her love of drive through windows (she could operate any cars power window) to her love of playing fetch with balls. And her ability to line them up. She was also innovative often lying directly on the floor register to cool off. Her time with the forever family was short, but she definitely left a lot of fond memories!

  • October 2, 2019
    We loved her so much and her forever mom and dad adored her.. You couldn’t help but to love her, she was so sweet You would have thought they had had her in their lives since birth. She is gone but will never be forgotten. Sweet Lucy ❤️

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