Koki will be cherished in our hearts always for his sassiness and love that he brought into our lives. His memory lives on in our hearts, and through the life of his feline buddy and brother in feline kind, Patriot. They were the best of friends, and he misses Koki terribly so. We couldn’t have asked for a better kitty cat next to Patriot than Koki. He was one darn good cat. We will miss his purrs, jumping walls, late-night sernades and playtime requests at 2AM. We will also miss seeing him in our bedroom window, watching squirrels at our dining room window, and his milking sessions every time we came home and sat down to rest for a bit. His kisses will also be missed, and the way he played with Patriot…how comical it all was, and how much it is missed dearly by us all.

Koki, we love you, kitty boy. We miss you. Until we meet again, go chase some squirrels and birds, and play with string toys all day long, kitty. Love, forever, your loving family.

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